The unique cuisine
Few foreigners are aware that Sweden has a unique cuisine, unlike any other in Europe.
It was only recently that Swedish cuisine began to attain higher status, in part because Swedish chefs have garnered several gold and silver medals in the Bocuse d´Or and the Food Olympics.
It is true that the smörgåsbord is widely known, but many tourists are surprised and impressed by the wealth of flavours and the originality of Swedish food. We Swedes have not marketed ourselves in this area, perhaps because we have felt inferior to the established countries of cuisine. When we have returned from gastronomic adventures abroad, we have added new dishes to our food repertoire, both at home and in restaurants. We have imported exotic raw materials, exciting spices and new gastronomic trends. For the Swedes really want to be global and urbane.
But we staunchly stand by the dishes that are associated with various holidays, and we even celebrate some dishes on particular days, such as the annual crayfish and surströmming premières and the day of St. Martin's Goose. We have also secretly continued to eat what we call husmanskost, the plain fare we have grown up on for generations.  

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