Carovin is a wine and spirits importer of high quality products and was founded in 1995. Since then we have established ourselves as a high quality supplier.We import wine from most of the wine producing countries in the world and chose the best producers from each region. In our portfolio one finds exciting and unique products selected with great concern. We supply both the Swedish retailing monopoly Systembolaget and the best restaurants in Sweden.

The Swedish word for toast is "skål" and it is almost as well known internationally as the word smörgås-bord. It actually means bowl and derives from the time when everyone
around the table shared the same drinking vessel.

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Sweden, from geographical necessity and by tradition, has been a part of Europe's so-called "vodka belt" - those countries that, for want of a wine culture, instead have satisfied their need for alcohol with beer and spirits. Read more  

Few foreigners are aware that 
Sweden has a unique cuisine, unlike any other in Europe.
It was only recently that Swedish cuisine began to attain higher status, in part because Swedish chefs have garnered several gold and silver medals in the Bocuse d´Or and the Food Olympics. It is true that the smörgåsbord is widely known, but many tourists are surprised and impressed by the wealth of flavours and the originality of Swedish food.

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